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Energy Systems Analysis and Planning Group



The Energy Systems Analysis Group undertakes research and analysis and training that enhances understanding of energy use and energy systems for policy and decision-making in the following areas:
  • Energy and climate mitigation modelling

  • Energy systems analysis

  • Decision support on energy infrastructure and energy efficiency across the sectors

  • Analysis of energy supply dynamics

  • Behavioural aspects of energy usage

  • Analysis of energy use dynamics

  • Energy data collation, managment and dissemination.

  • Data interrogation and energy and related data mining

Members of the Energy Systems Analysis and Planning Group


South African TIMES Model: The British High Commission recently funded the update of a full sector national energy system model. This model, the South African TIMES model represents both supply and demand side including all economic sectors on the IEA’s linear least cost optimisation platform TIMES. The full source file and supporting spreadsheets for running this model with the ANSWER-TIMES model builder are available at this link. This version was used to explore an emerging gas economy in South Africa and these scenarios and results are also loaded in the source file.

• For details and the methodology detailing the approach and assumptions for SATIM click here.

Presentations and minutes of the Modelling Colloquium 2012

Climate change and upstream development impacts on new hydropower projects in the Zambezi:  a research initiative designed to address the major uncertainties facing hydropower development in the region, and to deepen understanding among stakeholders of the risks to hydropower from changes in climate and increased upstream water demand.


Current research and projects

Currently the main research areas are in energy demand for liquid fuels, Carbon Capture and Storage in Southern Africa, public access energy database, behavioural aspects of energy efficiency, support for the Long Term Mitigation Scenario’s Update, support for the Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios project and these are further described through the project links shown below. Other research interests and services have included city and municipal modelling and planning, and regional (SADC) energy modelling and planning, the energisation of low-income households, national integrated energy planning and utility planning support.


Open energy database

The project aims to provide a current, consistent and comprehensive data set to help streamline energy research projects, particularly those involving energy modelling.

Further information on this project


The transport sector demand for liquid fuels

This project aims to disaggregate the demand for transport based liquid fuels in South Africa.

Further information on this project


Awareness and behavioural energy tools

This project will develop tools to enhance understanding of energy-use behaviour and to build awareness of energy and energy efficiency in the residential sector.

Further information on this project


Mitigation action plans and scenarios

This is a collaborative project aimed at assisting selected Latin American countries develop mitigation action plans and scenarios.

Further information on this project


Long-term mitigation scenarios update

This project aims at improving and updating the SA government supported Long Term Mitigation Scenarios Project.

Further information on this project


Techno-economic analysis of carbon capture and storage in Southern Africa

The project aims to assess the costs of various opportunities for carbon capture and storage (for emissions from electricity generation) in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique.

Further information on this project



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