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Marta Torres Gunfaus

Marta Torres Gunfaus is the Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS) Programme Research Coordinator at ERC



MSc in Industrial Engineering – RWTH, Germany, UPC Spain


Current research interest:

Marta’s main research focus is domestic and international climate change mitigation policy, Marta’s main research focus is domestic and international climate change mitigation policy, economic evaluation and interaction with development policies. She is interested in the design and evaluation of climate policies, including cap-and-trade, carbon taxes, carbon budgets and NAMA-related instruments, as well as climate finance. Significant research in the past has focused on MRV, capacity building and institutional framework for domestic mitigation action. Marta has worked in the private and public sector, and moved recently to the University of Cape Town as Chief Research Officer.


Marta is currently the Research Coordinator of the MAPS (Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios) programme, a south-south collaboration project to build country-level mitigation scenarios, combining research and stakeholder participation, under a high-level governmental mandate, with pilot projects now in Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.  


Current focus areas include:

·       Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios

·       Post-2012 climate change regime

·       Mitigation and Poverty alleviation

·       Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action in developing countries

·       Low Carbon Development Strategies


Selected recent publications:

  • Catalan Climate Change Office. Progress report towards 2008-2012 mitigation targets in Catalonia. December 2010

  • Catalan Climate Change Office. Strategy for Electric Vehicle implementation in Catalonia. September, 2010

  • Catalan Climate Change Office. Mitigation Action Plan 2010. April, 2010

  • Catalan Climate Change Office. Public mitigation policies and measures in 2008 and 2009. Government of Catalonia. March, 2010

  • M.Torres, N.Valero. Mitigation Scenario for 2050 in Spain. WWF.  February 2009

  • T.Solanas, D.Calatayud, C.Claret, 34 kg de CO2. Book chapter: International climate policies: from theory to practice by M.Torres. May 2009

  • M.Vieweg, M.Torres, C.Doets, S.Wartmann, et al. Linking developing countries to carbon markets. Cost assessment of capacity building requirements. April 2009

  • M.Torres, A.Gardiner, J.Greenleag, A.Pueyo, GHG Abatement opportunities for non-EU ETS sectors in Catalonia post 2012. December, 2007

  • J.W.Bode, M.Vosbeek, M.Torres, Project Developer’s Manual for Gold Standard Voluntary Offset Projects. Ecofys, commissioned by The Gold Standard.