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About ERC

The Energy Research Centre is the result of the logical merger of activities of the Energy Research Institute and the Energy Development Research Centre at the University of Cape Town.



The Centre is an African-based multi-disciplinary energy research centre which pursues excellence in technology, policy and sustainable development research, education and capacity building programmes at a local and international level.

The organisation's core activity is energy. Under the umbrella of this first line activity, the organisation is involved in the following major undertakings:

  • Research

  • Education and capacity building

  • Energy services of benefit to the community at large.


The Centre seeks to become an outstanding organization in the area of energy and cross-cutting themes, to be acknowledged for its performance, capacity, and positive contribution to the development of the community and employees.



Specific objectives of ERC include:

  • To undertake independent and objective research of both national and global interest in order to deepen knowledge and understanding of energy and development needs, problems, challenges and innovative solutions.

  • To undertake research on linkages between energy and other themes, including economic and social development and impact, environment and climate change.

  • To educate and train researchers through postgraduate degrees and short course programs.

  • To organize specialized short courses on energy, economic development and climate change for policy makers and other executives.

  • To build the Centre’s employees’ capacity on energy and related development issues through academic and specialized courses.

  • To contribute to sustainable development at national, regional and global level, through social equity, economic efficiency, technology and policy analysis/research.

  • To promote and disseminate research findings to the community using peer-reviewed and other publications.

  • To produce journals, newsletters and other materials of interest to communities in South Africa and abroad.

  • To organize and attend meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences in order to disseminate and share ideas and information.

  • To build strategic alliances and partnerships with other organizations both at local and international level in order to enhance internal capability to achieve objectives.