The ERC Masters programme – both streams – comprise 80 credits of coursework and 120 credits of thesis. Students usually undertake the thesis research in the second year, although students will be expected to present their thesis proposals towards the end of their coursework year, usually sometime in November.

Basic expectations


  • Have the primary responsibility for designing, conducting, and reporting the research.
  • Apply for ethical clearance EBE faculty prior to the collection of any data involving human or animal subjects. 
  • Submit an outline/ timetable for completion of the research project to the adviser/committee.
  • Prepare and present a 10 minute presentation on proposed research at the beginning of the year.
  • Use Harvard referencing method throughout
  • Read plagiarism declaration and sign for inclusion with thesis
  • Review paper for proper formatting before final submission to adviser.
  • Submit required drafts and the finished document to the adviser according to the agreed upon timeline.
  • Correct any deficiencies that may exist and return to the adviser according to the agreed upon timetable.


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Thesis writers’ group (convened subject to interest)

Meets every second Tuesday at 3pm. A list of dates for the year will be posted on the notice board in the postgrad room and on the Vula site.

The aim of this group is to have a time when a regular community of thesis writers get together to encourage and support each other. There are slots at the beginning of each group in which Mathilde from The Writing Centre (CHED) gives tips and shares good practice. Thereafter the group usually either speed edits two pages of each participant’s writing, or provides in-depth editing and feedback on a few pages to a maximum of two participants.

Please contact Kim (6.36) for more information and to be added to the Vula site.

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