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Measurement and verification services to Eskom DSM programme

Client: Eskom

Period: May 2014 – April 2017 (3 year renewable contract)

Project leader: Mascha Moorlach

Project team: Mascha Moorlach, Richard Larmour, Alistair Stewart, Graham Gariseb, Andrew Hibberd

The contract is for the provision of measurement and verification (M&V) services to the Eskom DSM programme.  This service is performed in accordance with the SANS50010 standard for M&V. 

The scope of work includes drawing up scoping reports and an M&V plan for each DSM project.  A Baseline is then generated using data obtained and verified through physical site visits. On completion of the project works, a post implementation report is drawn up and the process of analysing and reporting savings commences through one or more performance assessment after which the project performance is tracked for a period of five years. 

The reports produced in the process are confidential and so there is very little research output.  However, the insights gained into DSM provide many opportunities for proposing additional research work to Eskom and other funders.