Mitigation action plans and scenarios (MAPS)

Client: Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

Period:  July 2010–December 2013

Process lead: Stefan Raubenheimer (SouthSouthNorth)

Strategy lead: Harald Winkler

The programme is run by ERC in collaboration with the SouthSouthNorth Trust


MAPS combines facilitated stakeholder processes with research. The programme will support South-South collaboration between developing countries in their plans to implement more ambitious mitigation actions.  ERC will focus on supporting researchers in MAPS countries, in analysing actions and how that can contribute to achieving targets and overall reductions in the growth of emissions.  MAPS builds on the experience of South Africa’s long-term mitigation scenarios (downloadable here). MAPS activities in each country will crucially include a participative process with stakeholders from all sectors. In this sense, MAPS is not only another research study – but the information will be produced in partnership with the best indigenous and international research.  It will strongly build on existing in-country research capacity, feeding information into a national process run by the country.

MAPS will start its implementation phase in earnest in 2011, with a focus on Latin American countries – and extension to African and Asian countries will be considered during this year. The MAPS team includes organisations in each country, and is supported by the same two organisations that managed the technical work in LTMS – ERC and SouthSouthNorth. In addition, a knowledge platform will be created, and support will be provided for researchers and facilitators from all MAPS countries. MAPS aims to share lessons and build a best practice research base. There will be research-based outputs from MAPS, but beyond research MAPS hopes to help to unlock the opportunities of a low-carbon future in the context of development.

• Link to MAPS programme website