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Measurement and performance tracking (MAPT)

Client: World Resources Institute

Period: January 2011 – December 2014

Project leader: Anya Boyd

Project team: Anya Boyd, Britta Rennkamp, Harald Winkler, Anthony Dane, Samantha Keen, Michael Boulle Richard Larmour, Thapelo Letete

Research assistance: Olumide Ogunmodimu, Shoeshoe Letoao, Guy Cunliffe

The goal of this project was to conduct research to inform a national system systems to make mitigation actions measurable, reportable and verifiable (MRV), The ERC research team collaborated with the Department of Environmental Affairs, the National Business Initiative and other key actors to advance the design and implementation of national MRV system.

In the first year of the project the ERC focused on mapping existing institutional arrangement and data for a future MRV system in South Africa . The ERC team hosted the first workshop on MRV in South Africa.  In 2012 the research focused on the nexus between MRV regulation at national, provincial and local levels of governance and it created an arena for practitioners to share their experiences at a national workshop. The workshop created a welcome platform to ask questions and to discuss possible approaches for MRV. Further research in 2012 focused on co-benefits of mitigation actions the domestic MRV system in South Africa and an examination of the solar water heater roll out in South Africa

The ERC focused on international approaches to MRV and hosted an international meeting with developing country MAPT colleagues who were also grappling with domestic MRV. Discussions of the institutional arrangements, data and governance structures for MRV in South Africa and nine other developing countries revealed that many countries have similar concerns about implementing MRV systems, in terms of coherence of structures for reporting and data collections.

The research agenda concluded in 2014 with a particular focus on MRV in practice by interrogating one of South Africa’s most prominent mitigation efforts – the Renewable Energy procurement programme. This final piece on the South African renewable programme shares some of the realities of the ‘how’ with respect to MRV.

For general information on the project, visit the WRI website. For further research publications by MAPT participants, visit the MAPT country partner website.