Energy systems analysis and planning: Current and recent projects

Economic benefits of extended producer responsibility initiatives in South Africa
To highlight the opportunities and benefits of reintroducing recycled waste products into the South African economy through extended producer responsibility initiatives. more detail

Supporting African municipalities with sustainable energy transitions
To develop a knowledge exchange framework for supporting bodies involved in municipal energy planning in the effective transition to sustainable energy use in urban areas, partnering with six cities in Ghana, Uganda and South Africa. more detail

Climate change assessment of energy-water nexus in Zambezi Basin and SAPP: Phase II
To develop integrated water and power scenarios for the Zambezi River Basin through an assessment of potential climate change impacts on water availability and energy security in the Basin and the Southern African power Pool. more detail

Regional growth and development in Southern Africa – Regional energy including bioenergy
Supporting the UN University World Institute for Development Economic Research in analysing regional energy options, primarily through the continued improvement and development of linked energy planning and economic models. more detail

Uncertainty in baseline CO2 emissions for South Africa 
The objective of this project is to quantify the uncertainty associated with key model inputs to develop a probability distribution of baseline emissions for South Africa over the 2015-2050 period. more detail

SANEDI Transport energy demand study, Phase II
Energy modeller training and energy database development, looking at, eg, how the transport sector might react to fuel price and CO2 price shocks; and how to mitigate ballooning freight demand. more detail

Climate, land, energy and water strategies
Applying the modelling framework to analyse climate, land, energy and water interactions and implications associated with the socio-economic development of Cape Town. more detail

Thirsty Energy South Africa
The project aims to represent the evolving cost of water to the technologies represented in ERC’s SATIM model, through a water-smart energy planning model intended to give powerful insights into infrastructure decisions when combined with climate scenarios. more detail


Open energy database
The project aims to provide a current, consistent and comprehensive data set to help streamline energy research projects, particularly those involving energy modelling. more detail

The transport sector demand for liquid fuels
Aims to disaggregate the demand for transport based liquid fuels in South Africa. more detail

Awareness and behavioural energy tools
This project will develop tools to enhance understanding of energy-use behaviour and to build awareness of energy and energy efficiency in the residential sector. more detail

Long-term mitigation scenarios update
This project aims at improving and updating the SA government-supported Long Term Mitigation Scenarios Project. more detail

Techno-economic analysis of carbon capture and storage in Southern Africa
Aims to assess the costs of various opportunities for carbon capture and storage (for emissions from electricity generation) in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique. more detail