Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Stranding power sector assets in SA

This paper aims to understand the implications of South Africa reducing emissions as part of a global agreement to limit temperature rise and to examine the potential risks of stranded assets in the energy sector.

Publication Date:
Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 08:45
Why the SA government is pursuing nuclear energy

Now available online: An analysis by Britta Rennkamp and Radhika Bhuyan on "The social shaping of nuclear energy technology in South Africa".


Publication Date:
Friday, April 8, 2016 - 12:00
Research on solar chimneys

Now uploaded: A conference paper comparing the thermal performance of two solar chimney designs by using a numerical method.

Publication Date:
Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 10:00
The battle against climate change. What now?

It’s been a few months since the Paris Agreement wrapped up. In an article for The Conversation, Harald Winkler discusses what happened there and what it might mean for South Africa.

Publication Date:
Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 09:15