Challenges in implementing GHG emissions mitigation policy

10 Apr 2017 - 09:45

The aim of a recently published ERC research paper is to explore challenges in implementation of greenhouse gas emissions mitigation policy in South Africa using John Kingdon’s Multiple Streams Analysis Framework:

The research does not focus on the technical content of the policies but on institutional, public administration, political and political economy issues involved in policy implementation. While it is impossible not to analyse at least some of the technical content, this is limited to what is needed to shed light on the more politically orientated analysis.

One important finding of this research is that the mitigation policies specified in the National Climate Change Response White Paper of 2011 are mostly not yet in operation, and that significant challenges are being experienced in bringing them into operation.

Trollip, H and Boulle, M. 2017. Challenges associated with implementing climate change mitigation policy in South Africa.