Climate change and energy-water nexus

24 Jan 2017 - 10:30

Two journal articles have been published, emerging from the project "Climate change assessment of the energy-water nexus in the Zambezi Basin and SAPP". The project aimed to develop integrated water and power scenarios for the Zambezi River Basin in order to engage stakeholders and inform decision-makers, through an assessment of potential climate change impacts on water availability and energy security in the Basin and the Southern African Power Pool. (See here for more details of the project.)

One of the articles was listed previously on the website when it was still in press; it is now final. The two articles are:

Spalding-Fecher, R, Senatla, M, Yamba, F, Heaps, C, Chapman, A, Mahumane, G, Tembo, B, Lukwessa, B, Nyambe, I and Himunzowa, G. 2017 Electricity supply and demand scenarios for the Southern African Power Pool. Energy Policy 101: 403–14. DOI:

Spalding-Fecher, R, Joyce, B and Winkler, H. Climate change and hydropower in the Southern African Power Pool and Zambezi River Basin: System-wide impacts and policy implications. Energy Policy 103: 84–97.