Comments on draft GHG emission reporting and pollution prevention plans

25 Jan 2016 - 10:30

ERC welcomes the revised Draft National Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting Regulations, as well as the  introduction of a requirement for pollution prevention plans for large emitters, and the concomitant declaration of greenhouse gases as priority air pollutants, by the South African government. 

ERC’s comments on the GHG reporting regulations published in June 2016 can be found here; comments on the 2015 draft GHG reporting regulations are here

Identifying GHG as priority pollutants to be controlled, and requiring the reporting and implementation of mitigation measures, are essential elements of climate change policy. The comments in this paper (click here) are offered as suggested technical improvements, as well as raising some further questions for consideration regarding the relationship between overall climate mitigation policy and the measures proposed in these regulations.