Quantifying the benefits of the Energy Transition in South Africa

30 Oct 2017 - 13:00

Funder: International Food Policy Research Institute

Partner: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Time horizon: September – December 2017

Project description:

The contours of the global power sector are changing rapidly due to ongoing technological advance, particularly in the renewable energy space. With these advances, the economics of power systems are changing. For South Africa, a country with considerable renewable energy potential, the implications of these advances for the nature of power sector investments are potentially large.

This project aims to assess the implications of the advances in the renewable energy space for a) energy planning and investment in South Africa; b) power sector emissions; and c) economic growth. The work program consists of three outputs. The first is a technical report summarising of the current global and South African specific generation technology environment and the future trends of these with an emphasis on renewable energy. The second output is an assessment of the implications of the findings from the technical report for energy planning in South Africa. Both the ERC TIMES and CSIR PLEXOS models will be used in this assessment allowing for a model inter-comparison analysis. The third output from this project will evaluate the macro and socio economic implications of potential energy pathways for South Africa using the ERC linked energy and economic model.

Output 1: The developing energy landscape in South Africa: Technical Report

- This report provides an overview of the developments in renewable energy and storage technologies globally and in South Africa. It assesses the implications for future costs and outlines the critical assumptions for assessing the implications of renewable energy advances.

  • Ireland, G., Hartley,F., Merven, B., Burton, Ahjum, F., McCall., B., Caetano, T., Wright, J. and Arndt, C. 2017.

Quantifying the benefits of the Energy Transition in South Africa