Research material newly available in January 2016

15 Jan 2016 - 10:30

The following material has been added to the website's listings (January 2016):

Altieri, K, Trollip, H, Caetano, T, Hughes, A, Merven, B and Winkler, H. 2015. Pathways to deep decarbonization in South Africa. Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations.

Okoroigwe E and Madhlopa A, 2016. An integrated combined cycle system driven by a solar tower: A review. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 57, 337-350. Article can be accessed (free until 24 February 2016) on:

Tait, L. 2015. Evaluating the electrification programme in urban settlements in South Africa.