Swaziland mitigations options analysis

Client: Swaziland, through the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Department of Meteorology

Period: January–March 2015

Project team: Hilton Trollip, Mamahloko Senatla, Tony Knowles (Director: The Cirrus Group)

The aim of this consultancy is to prepare a national report on measures to mitigate climate change (mitigation options) from the key greenhouse gas emissions sectors (energy, agriculture, industrial processes, LULUCF and waste) in the country and compile information related to existing mitigation actions, including coverage and objectives, the extent of reduction achieved or projected to achieve.

The output can be summarised as a list of mitigation actions with the following information:

  • Name and description of the mitigation action including information on the nature of the action, coverage, budget (financial costs) and sources of funding , qualitative goals and progress indicators;
  • Information on methodologies and assumptions;
  • Objectives of the actions and steps undertaken or envisaged to be achieved that action;
  • Information on the progress of implementation of the mitigation actions and the
  • Results achieved such as estimated outcomes and estimated emission reduction.
  • Constraints, gaps and related financial, technical and capacity building needs related to mitigation in the specific sector.

Two workshops, an inception workshop and stakeholder validation workshop are included.

The project includes a capacity building visit by two officials of MTEA to ERC for a week.

Outputs consist of a national mitigation options analysis report and a summary chapter to the TNC.