South Africa 2050 calculator

Client: Department of Environmental Affairs

Period: December 2012– December 2014

Project leaders: Sam Keen, Hilton Trollip, Andrew Marquard

Project team: Anya Boyd, Sam Keen, Andrew Marquard, Bruno Merven, Bryce McCall, Fadiel Ahjum, Hilton Trollip, Mamahloko Senatla, Katye Altieri, with Craig Mason-Jones (consultant)


The 2050 Calculator is an interactive user-friendly tool that allows non-experts to develop their own combination of levels of change in different technologies and sectors of the economy to explore different energy and emission scenarios out to 2050. At its heart is a technical energy balancing model that has been extensively peer-reviewed by experts, which brings together sectoral trajectories in different ways to construct possible pathways to 2050.