Deep decarbonisation pathways project – Phase 1

Client: German Ministry for Environment

Period: December 2013–August 2014

Project leader: Hilton Trollip

Project team: Hilton Trollip, Bruno Merven, Harald Winkler, with Henri Waismann (IDDRI)

For the DDPP project support team and project teams from some 15 countries see here.


The ERC worked with the international DDPP team over the period December 2013 to August 2014 to provide the initial Deep decarbonisation pathways South African Country Chapter for the DDPP Interim 2014 report. As well as the research and provision of the quantitative pathways and drafting of the Country Chapter, this included contributions to the project concept and the report text. A central aspect was introducing a developmental narrative and quantitative developmental indicators to the pathways.

The SA Country Report was one of 15 country reports, representing 70% of global emissions, and was submitted to the United Nations Secretary-General in preparation for the UN Climate Summit 2014. There it formed the basis of working to commitment to achieving 2°C consistent pathways.

The SA country report can be found here.

(For information on DDPP Phase 2, see here; on DDPP: Political economy, see here.)