Research into the Feasibility of Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS) in Africa

Client: CDKN

Period: March 2013-February 2014

Project leaders: Harald Winkler and Stefan Raubenheimer

Project team: ERC & SouthSouthNorth


The focus of this project is a scoping study for a possible African-focused Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS) programme built from the ERC’s experience with running MAPS in Latin America (namely Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Chile). This project will evaluate the feasibility of a full MAPS Africa engagement over a three-year programme with more resources allocated. An initial six-week inception phase focused on six potential African countries to engage with, namely, Zambia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya and Botswana. It was decided to focus on the first four of those countries for the 12-month feasibility study. These four strike a balance in terms of the various considerations e.g. geography, current level of international climate change activity, and population trajectories.


Country-level relationships and partners present a preferred approach for proximate support based on the research and discussions over the inception phase. The MAPS Africa team will appoint country partners, whose main role will be to assist in the feasibility study, particularly by helping to identify potential relevant climate change stakeholders and facilitate engagements with the MAPS Africa team. The feasibility study will produce a business plan. The MAPS Africa programme over the 2014–2017 period will ultimately depend on the funding available. In the process of conducting the feasibility study, this project will build local capacity through the MAPS Facilitation Course and Research Lab /bursary programmes. In-country researchers taking part in this project will do detailed work in the next phase for the three-year programme MAPS Africa programme after February 2014.