AIM – Actions for mitigation and impacts on South Africa’s sustainable development goals

Client: United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)

Period:  2011-2013

Project leader at ERC:  Britta Rennkamp

Project team at ERC: Britta Rennkamp, Anya Boyd, Tara Caetano, Wendy Engel, Anthony Dane, Holle Wlokas, Yusuf Coovadia (Master student at the Business School)


In this project, we analyse interventions for climate change mitigation and their contribution to the South African sustainable development goals. The research supports South Africa’s sustainable development planning efforts. The analyses create evidence on developmental impacts of several mitigation actions to support decision-making processes and implementation. Our case studies investigate electro-mobility, wind energy and solar-water heating. This research has been inspired by Mohan Munasinghe’s Action Impact Matrix (AIM) for sustainable development planning and our collaboration with his institute has been funded by UNITAR.

Outputs available for download

Research poster series on South African mitigation options and their contribution to the low carbon development goals:

  • Wlokas, HL and Ellis, C: How does the low-pressure solar water heater roll-out create employment in local communities?

  • Caetano, T: Nuclear power: Structural change, lock-ins and trade-offs

  • Rennkamp, B, Westin, FF: Made in South Africa? Feito no Brasil? Boosting technological development through local content requirements in the wind energy industry

  • Dane, A: The potential of electric vehicles to contribute towards South Africa’s GHG emissions targets and other developmental objectives.

  • Research papers: