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Jiska de Groot

Jiska joined the Energy, poverty and development group as a researcher in 2015.

Short Biography


  • MSc International Development Studies, Specialization in Rural Development Sociology, Wageningen University, the Netherlands.
  • MA Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden University, the Netherlands.
  • Thesis submitted for PhD in Human Geography, University of Plymouth, UK.

Current research interests
Social science aspects of the deployment of renewable energy technologies, marine renewable energy, clean energy access, and poverty alleviation in developing countries. Stakeholder engagement, fairness and justice perspectives and decision-making processes.

Previous experience
Jiska has been involved in several research projects regarding renewable energy deployment, in particular stakeholder engagement with marine renewable energy technologies. Besides her research on renewable energy development and stakeholder engagement, Jiska was involved with the International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy, to contribute to representation of the social sciences in the advancement of the renewable energy sector, and has been involved in geography teaching in the UK.  


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