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Wikus Kruger

Wikus joined the Energy, Poverty and Development group in January 2015. Prior to this, he worked as senior consultant in the energy access field across Southern and East Africa as well as in Europe.



MSc Development Evaluation & Management, Institute for Development Policy and Management, University of Antwerp (2013)

MPhil & BPhil Sustainable Development Planning & Management, Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch University (2008 & 2006)

BA Value & Policy Studies, Stellenbosch University (2005)


Current research interests

Energy access business/distribution models, technologies and policies. International energy development cooperation.



Aitken, R.F. & Kruger, J.L. 2014. From Artisans to Entrepreneurs: Understanding the Role of Small Business for Energy Access. (Submitted to Boiling Point for peer-review & publication).

Aitken, R.F., Watson, G. & Kruger, J.L. 2010. A distribution and marketing strategy of the StoveTec Stove. Boiling Point 58, pp. 13 - 17.  

Brent, A.C. & Kruger, J.L. 2009. Systems Analyses and the Sustainable Transfer of Renewable Energy Technologies: A focus on remote Africa. Renewable Energy: 34(7), pp. 1774 - 1781.

Aitken, R.F., Schaeffler, J. & Kruger, J.L. 2008. Renewable and Hybrid Energy Access Business Models for Productive Use – A Sustainability Framework. Central Energy Fund/South African National Energy Research Institute.