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Andrew Marquard

Andrew Marquard is a senior researcher in the Energy, Environment and Climate Change research group.


BA (African Politics; UCT); MA (political science; Rhodes); PhD (energy studies; UCT)

Current research interests and focus areas

Andrew’s current research focuses on energy-related climate change mitigation, as well as South African energy policy and governance, and draws on a wide range of skills, including energy analysis and modelling and policy analysis. He also teaches energy studies at a post-graduate level.


Recent publications and other research

Winkler, H & Marquard, A. 2018, Mitigation accounting under the Paris Agreement: Technical paper. Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town.

Andrew’s  2006 PhD dissertation was on ‘The origins and development of South African energy policy’. His most recent reports, generally co-authored with other memebrs of the programme, have included an ‘Analysis of the economic implications of a carbon tax’; ‘Analysis of possible quantified emission reduction commitments by individual Annex I Parties’; and ‘Economics of climate change: Context and concepts related to mitigation’.