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Brenda Martin

Brenda joined the ERC in October 2014 as Research Projects Manager, to support internal and external research cooperation, and assist the Director to proactively identify, develop and establish new strategic research areas.

Professional background
Brenda has an undergraduate degree in Business, and has worked at senior level in the Southern African development and education sectors for  about 20 years. In 2007 she founded a national change-focused NGO - Project 90 by 2030. Her work has focused on civil society network building, climate-related and energy policy, energy implementation, research and facilitation. In 2011 she completed the Wits University postgraduate Climate Leadership programme.

Her research interests are: continental energy policy and planning (particularly nuclear and renewable energy), behaviour change in relation to climate change, taking renewable energy to scale, and political economy.

Formal publications (available online here):

  • Smart Electricity Planning, EGI-SA, 2013
  • Integrated Energy Planning in South Africa, 2014
  • The Tyranny of Realism, 2014
  • Procurement models applied to Independent Power Producer Programmes in SA, 2014
  • African Nuclear Renaissance? Heinrich Böhl Foundation, 2015 (forthcoming)