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Alfred Moyo

Alfred Moyo is a researcher in the Energy, Environment and Climate Change research group.


BSc (Hons) Economics (University of Zimbabwe);

Mcom Applied Economics (University of Cape Town)


Current research interests and focus areas

Alfred’s research interests lie primarily in the economics of climate change mitigation. This includes the analysis of economy-wide impacts of climate change policies within South Africa. Alfred is also involved in research on nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) in the transport sector as well as the updating of the LTMS and greenhouse gas inventories.


Previous work experience     

While pursuing his Masters degree, Alfred worked part time at the Centre for Education Technology at UCT. On completing his studies in mid-2008, Alfred was employed as a lecturer before joining Frost and Sullivan, an international market research and growth consulting company. He has worked on a number of projects in the energy sector such as the analysis of production and investment in the power generation and liquid fuels industries in South Africa.