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Gisela Prasad


Ph.D (Sorbonne)
M.Sc (Sorbonne)

Current research interest:

Energy, poverty and development. Current research interests are in the supply, use and development impact of energy and energy technologies for the poor in Africa. Policies, strategies and business models of improving energy access for the poor.

Previous work experience:

Gisela was research professor and the director of the Institute of Southern African Studies, a development- and policy-oriented research centre at the University of Lesotho from 1991-2001. Earlier she taught geology and palaeontology at the Universities of Khartoum/Sudan and Dar es Salaam/Tanzania. She joined the Energy Research Centre in 2001.

 Memberships of committees, boards, etc:

  • Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development (GNESD) Steering Committee

  • Global Energy Assessment, Contributing Author KM 19

  • Domestic Use of Energy, Editorial Committee and Conference Organizing Committee