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Britta Rennkamp

Dr Britta Rennkamp is a senior researcher in the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Group, and Senior Fellow at the African Climate and Development Initiative, at the University of Cape Town. 

Britta's research focuses on climate policy and technology in developing countries and the links between poverty, inequality, energy and mitigation of climate change. 

Previous work analysed renewable energy and nuclear programmes, carbon taxation, green industrial and innovation policies. Britta has published various papers and book chapters on the overall question on integrating policies on emissions reductions, energy supply and development in Africa and Latin America. 

Prior to joining ERC, she worked for the German International Cooperation in Brazil and the German Development Institute in Germany. Britta Rennkamp holds a PhD in Political Science, and a Diplom/MSc in Regional Sciences – Political Sciences, Economics, Latin American History, Spanish and Portuguese language and literature. She has ten years of international work experience in sustainable development research, consulting and teaching, which she acquired in Brazil, Germany and South Africa.

Selected publications


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Britta was the guest editor of  the special issue on Innovation for sustainability of the African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development (volume 2, number 1)​​​​​​


Rennkamp, B. 2011. Innovation for all? Legitimizing Science, Technology and Innovation Policy in Unequal Societies. Doctoral thesis, University of Twente, Netherlands