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Adrian Stone

Adrian Stone joined the Energy Systems Analysis and Planning Programme at ERC in December 2011.


BSc (Mech Eng) (UCT); MSc (UCT)

Current research interests and focus areas

  • Modelling of macro industrial systems, for example vehicle parks and fleets and their demand for energy.

  • Development of computer algorithms for quantitative projections and optimisation, whether this be scientific or financial.

  • Emission inventories.

  • Emission mitigation strategies.

  • Externalities in general - for example the role of culture and marketing in vehicle fatalities.

Previous experience

Adrian started his career in the brick and tile manufacturing industry where he worked briefly as a production manager before joining the automotive and fuels R&D and testing industry. He spent the next 8 years here as a designer, test engineer and project manager for 2 consulting firms, Engineering Research, and what is now Cape Advanced Engineering (CAE). After leaving CAE, Adrian worked as a self-employed IT consultant for 3 years, mainly active in systems development for the asset management industry but sporadically active in vehicle emissions consulting for clients that included the South African Petroleum Industry Association and the City of Cape Town. After spending a further 2 years in IT systems development, employed by PSG Asset Management, Adrian returned to energy related engineering at the ERC at the end of 2011.

Selected relevant publications

  • Stone AC, 2004. Creating a National Database of Traffic Based Vehicle Emissions Factors and Vehicle Parc Data: Lessons learned from the South Durban Basin.Paper presented at the National Association of Clean Air Western Cape Symposium, 20th May 2004

  • Stone A, 2002. Emissions Inventory and Scenario Modelling of Mobile Sources of Particulate Matter in South Africa. National Association of Clean Air Conference, Durban, 23rd - 25th October 2002.

  • Taylor AB, Bell AJ and Stone AC, 2002. Key Challenges and Solutions to Obtaining Real Benefits from Automotive Emissions Legislation. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Environmental Management, Johannesburg, South Africa, 27-30 August 2002.