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Energy efficiency group

The Energy Efficiency group deals with energy efficiency at the demand level. Energy efficiency is an economic resource and can be thought of as an alternate "fuel". The Group looks at the effects on single businesses and the national picture. Much of the work continues to be in the industrial sector while work in the building sector is growing.

The group is currently carrying out work under the Eskom Demand Side Management programme, and is researching the potential for DSM with industrial electrical loads. It is also accredited as a Monitoring & Verification body under this programme. This contract accounts for a very large proportion of the group's work, but other projects are also undertaken.

The EEG group does not work in isolation. Many of its activities overlap with other ERC groups, specifically in the areas of modelling and climate change. A good deal of internal expertise has been built up with regard to the Clean Development Mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol.

The group is committed to promoting energy efficiency and offer courses within the ERC’s Master's programme. Interested students who would like to expand the overall body of knowledge, as well as their own, either by participating in research projects, or more directly in industrial projects are most welcome.

Members of the Energy efficiency group in 2017: