Other projects, presentations, and various materials related to the group

  • Information to support South Africa’s intended nationally determined contribution for the 2015 Agreement on climate change: Various documents
  • Climate change mitigation: Contribution of Working Group III to the Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC. Presentation by Harald WInkler and Sam Keen,
  • Click here for presentations made at the discussion and feedback session on the proposed carbon tax, held on 1 November 2013  at the  University of Cape Town.
  • See our blog about COP 17 and the evolving South African climate change policy space
  • Equitable Access to Sustainable Development: A 90-page paper collaboratively produced by leading climate change experts from Brazil, South Africa, India and China, released at COP 17. Link to a page giving access to the book and various presentations connected to it.
  • Climate COP decisions on biennial update reports; international consultation and analysis; domestic MRV (measurable, reportable and verifiable actions) by developing countries; registry of mitigation actions and support Click here