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Bruno Merven


MSc Mathematics of Finance, UCT - 2008

MSc Electrical Engineering, UCT-2004

BSc (Hons) in Engineering (Mechatronics), UCT-1999


Current research interests

Interest: energy modeling, utility planning, modeling uncertainty.

He has worked at the ERC on a range of energy modeling projects that include: some utility planning tools for Eskom (TIMES/Excel), energy modeling in low income households (MESSAGE), energy demand modeling for some SADC countries (LEAP), South Africa national energy model (LTMS – MARKAL) and TIAM (TIMES Integrated Assessment Model).

He has worked on energy modelling training programs with SEI (LEAP), IAEA (MAED/MESSAGE) and at the ERC.

He is currently working on updating the national MARKAL model and is also working on other energy modelling projects with IRG (International Resource Group).

He has recently completed the dissertation component of an MSc in financial mathematics programme at UCT: “Real Options Valuation of a Power Generation Project: A Monte Carlo Approach”.


Previous work experience

After graduating in 1999, he joined Sasol as a process control engineer. Initially involved at the operations level (with Sasol Polymers) he then spent some time with the process development team (Sastech R&D) looking at control aspects of a dynamic model of the slurry phase Firsher-Tropsh reactor. In June 2002, he joined the Digital Image Processing group at UCT where he completed his Masters in Engineering degree and worked as a research assistant. The focus of his work was using a probabilistic framework to perform tracking (person and particle) with multiple sensors/cameras.



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